Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lassi is a slow cultured drinkable dairy beverage with creamy consistency. It originated over 2000 years ago in India and is still a very popular drink.
Sassy Lassi will stay fresh and delicious from the time you open the pouch until the printed expiration date, provided it is moved into refrigeration right after use. Treat Sassy Lassi like you would treat your milk jug – you wouldn’t leave it sitting on your kitchen counter for a couple of hours and still expect it to last until the expiration date, right? Likewise for Sassy Lassi! Sassy Lassi loves the cold!
All Sassy Lassi products are naturally gluten-free.
All Sassy Lassi and Sassy Lassi Organic Kids drinkable products are produced in facilities that are 100 percent peanut and tree nut free. If you would like more information about our allergen management procedures, please email admin@sassylassi.com
It’s entirely up to you, but we recommend consuming one to two 6 ounce servings of Sassy Lassi each day for maximum health.
No! The nutrition label lists the total of ALL the sugars from all the ingredients in the drink. Yogurt contains natural sugars, so does the real fruit that is added to Sassy Lassi. The label lists the total of all sugars – the natural sugars from the yogurt and fruit, plus the added sugar in the form of cane sugar. Apart from the Plain flavor that contains no added sugar at all, most Sassy Lassi flavors contain between 3g – 7g of cane sugar.
The yogurt that we use to make Sassy Lassi is fermented for 12-14 hours after pasteurization using an heirloom culture. Then it is gently mixed in with the other natural ingredients before being packaged. We do not add any additives, additional flavor boosters, color or preservatives or thickening agents. All our ingredients are pure, and you will not need to look up an ingredient name on Google.
Sassy Lassi is made with milk that is free from ALL synthetic hormones and antibiotics, including rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) and rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin). We use Whole milk to make our products.
Yes! Sassy Lassi is all natural and gluten free. Plus, we have an Organic kids line of Sassy Lassi just for your little ones.
Yes! Please make sure it remains cold until the time your child consumes it. Either use an ice pack or freeze overnight before placing in the lunch bag.
All of the milk used to make Sassy Lassi is pasteurized before fermentation.
Yes! Our customers routinely freeze Sassy Lassi and consume it in a slushy form for a special treat. Generally, the product will last a bit longer than the printed expiration date if frozen.
The expiration date on a Sassy Lassi Pouch will be printed in the front of the pouch.
Yes! Sassy Lassi is not only safe for pregnant and nursing women, it is also one of the few drinks that are very enjoyable for women with morning sickness.
Absolutely! We’ve had numerous customers report that Sassy Lassi is one of the very few foods that their loved ones could consumer when sick because of its smooth and sensational taste.
Sassy Lassi is available all over Texas in Whole Foods and Central Market stores as well as other local health food stores.
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