Our Vision

Dash of Masala’s vision is to bring the native and traditional culinary culture of India to the rest of the world. Taking methods that have been around for centuries, we research and develop products that are time-tested, pure, provide health benefits and use simple ingredients.

Our Mission

Sassy Lassi is made using safe and quality ingredients. We are committed to Sassy Lassi using Good Manufacturing Practices and defined safety standards while meeting all regulatory and legal requirements. Our commitment to our customers is to provide products that are healthy, safe and of high quality.

Our Values

Quality ingredients, minimal processing, pure and safe products are the foundation stones Sassy Lassi is built upon.

Who We Are

Perk up your breakfast with a cool and velvety drink which is guaranteed to give you a great start every morning! Dash of Masala brings you Sassy Lassi, a sumptuous, tasty and healthy “on-the-go” yogurt drink which will change the way you snack. Whether you are looking for a nutritious breakfast drink, or an in-between snack which is filling without being harmful, these pouches of natural goodness are just the thing for you!

tasty and healthy on-the-go yogurt drink nutritious breakfast drink about sassi lassi

Dash of Masala was established in 2009, in Austin, TX by Jaya Shrivastava. Dash of Masala’s signature product is Sassy Lassi, a velvety smooth, sensational tasting yogurt drink.

As a child, Jaya grew up drinking hand-cultured, fresh-made yogurt every day. Every meal had a cup of fresh yogurt as a side. When school was out, the hot, sweltering Indian summers were spent sitting on the branches of the Neem trees, reading and downing yogurt drinks to cool off.

The love affair with yogurt never ended – it was and still is, her be-all comfort food. Her move to Austin, TX proved fortuitous. Austin had the right climate for a startup Food enterprise with its large numbers of food entrepreneurs. Most, if not all of them, started by peddling their innovations at the local Farmers markets.

Sassy Lassi grew from humble beginnings in Farmers’ markets and events around Austin. Come 4am on a Saturday morning, Jaya could be found whipping up her delicious Mango Sassy Lassi. She would fill them into plastic cups for sale at the Farmer’s markets. Her drinks grew in popularity with long lines in front of her booth.

In early 2011, came an opportunity with Whole Foods. She had the sensational tasting product that people loved. Now, she needed new packaging with shelf appeal, a longer shelf life, ingredients sourced at a larger scale, and machinery to make every thing faster. Never one to be daunted by challenges, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

Sassy Lassi is beautifully packaged in innovative, grab-n-go pouches that make it easy to consume when one is in a rush.

Sassy Lassi is currently available in 6 fantastic flavors – 3 fruit flavors – Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry, 1 vegetable flavor - Celery, 1 flower flavor – Rose, and a Plain flavor. Each flavor is made with just 3-4 clean ingredients – yogurt cultured fresh the traditional Indian style with heirloom cultures, real fruit or vegetable and cane sugar.

Also available is an Organic Kids line of Sassy Lassi in two fun flavors – Berry blue and Strawmazing. Both flavors have only 3 ingredients each.

Sassy Lassi is available in TX, LA, OK, and AR. It will soon in available in the East coast and the West coast with Walmart, and Sams Club and in the mid west with the Kroger stores. The new Organic Kids line of Sassy Lassi is set to debut in 180 HEB stores in August 2016.